The Far From Home Series

All titles in the Far From Home series are available to purchase by clicking the following links:

Here for readers in the US

Here for readers in the UK

Here for readers in Canada


Far From Home 1

The Complete First Series

– Legend, Commander, Hero, Directive, Allies, Foes, Balance, Warrior, Defiant, Emissary, Salvation, Endgame

Far From Home 2

The Complete Second Series

– Enigma, Nemesis, Vengeance

Far From Home 3

The Complete Third Series

– Spectre, Outland, Intrepid, Valiant

Far From Home Trilogy

Far From Home Trilogy (All 3 Series)

– The Complete First, Second & Third Series


36 comments on “The Far From Home Series

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  2. joshuatmiles says:

    Good Morning. I am the creator of Joshua T Miles, I am really DB Macks. That being said, I wanted to leave a review on the first book of the Far From Home Series. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading the rest in the series. I wanted to leave this review on Amazon, but because I received on one of the free download days, they won’t let me. Really dumb aspect of the Kindle Direct program. I give the story 4 stars. Keep writing.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Is the order shown above is the order I read them in? With minis, shorts and spin offs, I need a bit of help to do this right.

  4. Jenocidal says:

    Is the order listed above the correct order to read them in? With the minis, shorts, collaborations and spin offs, I need a bit of help.

    Also, I can’t find the “Frontier Series” you mentioned above as a spin off, unless you’re using another name, like RICK. Is it on Kindle? I don’t see them here on your site either.

    Too many questions? I don’t want your head to explode. I just bought everything you’ve written for Kindle, help a girl out.

    • Tony says:

      Hi, thanks for purchasing the Far From Home series. The Frontier spinoff will happen next year, once the core 12 installments of the Far From Home series are completed. I’m writing number 8 right now.
      The order is as it is on the Far From Home page.
      The Stars My Redemption (acts a loosely connected prequel)
      Far From Home 1: Legend
      Far From Home 2: Commander
      Far From Home 3: Hero
      Far From Home 4: Directive
      Far From Home 5: Allies
      Far From Home 6: Foes
      Far From Home 7: Balance

      You can also buy Far From Home: Volume I and Far From Home Volume II, which collect books 1-3 and 4-6 respectively.

      Let me know if that helps.

      • Jenocidal says:

        Well, luckily I’m able to count! And they’re labeled 1, 2, 3 etc…

        But I’m wondering about the books of short stories, Death and Glory and Tattooed Man for instance. Where do I read them in the time line without ruining anything in the original series like characters, deaths and the sort.

        Are we on the same page now?😉

      • Tony says:

        Haha. I get you now.

        Regarding the stories, here’s how they play out with regards to reading order.
        SUN HAMMER PART 1 (new release)
        SUN HAMMER PART 2 (new release)
        FAR FROM HOME 1 etc etc etc

  5. Angel Felton says:

    Hi Tony,

    Love the Far from Home series of books. I literally devoured books 1 through 6. Unfortunately, I’m not able to get #7 since it isn’t being offered for the NOOK. I sure hope the rest of your books will be available soon.

    Thank you,

    A. Felton

    • Tony says:

      Hopefully #7 won’t take too much longer to appear on the Nook. In the meantime, if you email me I’ll happily provide a copy you can send over to your nook, free of charge.

      Big thanks for reading. I really appreciate you getting in touch.


    • Tony says:

      I just sent you a copy to the address shown here. Hope that’s okay.


      • Angel Felton says:

        Tony, thank you so much, But unfortunately, I have no idea what I did wrong but the entire email with the download disappeared. Me and electronics are constantly at war. Round 1000 goes to electronics again. Not sure how I did it, but I’ve got crazy skills when it comes to screwing up my email.🙂

        Sorry. I do appreciate you sending it though.🙂

  6. Rob Mulford says:

    I have just finished reading Endgame book 12 and can’t wait for the next book Enigma. This is a very great series where you care about the characters from start to finish.

  7. David Hills says:

    Hi Tony, I have just finished the last Far From Home (12) and looking forward to reading enigma, can’t wait. This is the second time I have read all 12 books. good reading, thanks, keep them coming, all saved on mu Kindle. David

  8. […] Healey is the best-selling author of the sci-fi series Far From Home. He was a contributor to the first Kindle All-Stars short story anthology, Resistance Front, along […]

  9. Sal says:

    I just read the complete series, enigma,nemesis and vengeance, however, I cannot find spectre. Is it out yet ?

  10. peter davies says:

    well what a great read your series are,i just can not wait until the next book,its such a great read,you put me in mind of a great writer EE.DOC SMITH the classic grey lensman series,well done tony ,cant wait until the next book.

  11. peter davies says:

    hi tony, i tried to buy spectre on amazon but can not find it is it out yet.

  12. Kathryn says:

    Hi Tony, I love reading Far From Home Series. I found it difficult when parallel Jess and Del got toasted but after a few tears I went and got the next bundle available. I love Jess King and her space cohorts. Being a woman I was leary that a man could write a great female lead. However, you did and I’m hooked. I am enjoying every page. Will we ever find out what happen to Dana?
    Great writing! Thank you.

    • Tony says:


      So glad you’ve enjoyed it all so far. I’m writing the second book in The Fallen Crown series for National Novel Writing Month (throughout November). Then it’s on with the third series of Far From Home. Everything will be answered, all plot points will be resolved. We’ll meet Dana again. And the pyramids.
      I have a plan . . .🙂

      My best, Tony

      • Kathryn says:

        Keep them coming Tony, its a great series!!!! Thank you, keep those finger busy on the computer!

  13. Kathryn says:

    Just finished the Far From Home Series 13-15. I have downloaded 16. I love this series. I wish that it could be purchased in paperback format. I love to add it to my library in solid format. I know that I will want to re-read again while waiting for more books in that series to be completed.
    I love the emotional writing that you do to flesh out the characters. You bring them from a 1 dimensional perspective to a 3 dimensional perspective with such ease. We need heroeslike that to hope for in this world. I cried with the team and laughed, and now, with the last book to read I’m feeling a little lost with knowing nothing is coming for awhile as I am completely and utterly infested in these characters. Maybe we will see this characters on the big screen someday. Being a Treky fan we are over due for another good series and your ‘Far From Home series’ would fit the bill perfectly!
    Thank you for all your hard work! I know how hard it is being an amateur writer myself.

  14. Tony says:


    Thought I’d mention my pal Bernard has started a series of his own, Confederation Reborn, which is along the same lines as Far From Home. I have co-written one episode for it so far (called A Brightly Flickering Flame) and this week we’re finishing up a second. Bernard’s solo stories (called Return Fire) take place further in the future of his series. My own are set in the past, and follow the adventures of legendary Captain William Kirn and the crew of the Endeavour.
    If you enjoyed Far From Home, and are anxious for something to read while you wait for more, I urge you to grab Confederation Reborn: Return Fire Complete Parts 1-3 and A Brightly Flickering Flame.
    You will not be disappointed!

  15. Ray says:

    Where does operation chimera fit in? I am trying to figure that out. Thanks

  16. Jeff says:

    I have just finished Operation Chimaera, where do I go next?

  17. bill says:

    Love the series but I can’t get the free Chimera book.
    Can you help please?

    • Tony says:

      Hi Bill,

      I’ll put you in touch with my publisher, who should be able to arrange a gratis copy for your kindle, my friend.

      Best wishes,


  18. Jim says:

    UK Amazon link doesn’t work I got first far from home book on kobo, can’t find any others there.

    • Tony says:


      I’m currently only publishing on Amazon Kindle. However if you’d like a Kobo copy of the entire trilogy for free, just drop me an email and I’ll send you the file.



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