Coming April, 2014! New series “The Fallen Crown”

I’ve said it for a long time. Well, this year it’s happening.

My new series, The Fallen Crown will debut April, in both Kindle format and paperback with Book 1: A Storm Of Shadows

Here’s the snazzy front cover:

The Fallen Crown BK1

The series will make use of years of notes and ideas. It will combine sweeping drama with action and adventure. I have several things happening on the Far From Home front this year, but I think the time is right to take the plunge into fantasy, too. Trust me, I fully intend for this to be EPIC fantasy.

If anyone would like to be pre-readers for this, when I have a draft available, please leave a comment below. (Don’t e-mail me just yet as I’m likely to forget you did so when the time comes. A comment below will do just fine).

Get SUN HAMMER PART 1 for FREE all weekend long! RT @ApiarySociety

Bernard Schaffer and I present:


Readers have loved our crossover between the Far From Home universe (mine) and the Grendel Unit universe (his), and to celebrate the fact that Far From Home: The Complete Series has found success in the charts, I’m making Part One: The Eyes Of The Enemy FREE from today all the way up to Sunday!

I encourage you to grab Part 1 for FREE and then get your hands on Part 2: Suicide Planet by Bernard Schaffer to find out how it ends!

You will not be disappointing. And if fans demand it, there will be more teaming up between these two universes in the future . . .



Today I have made available the last three installments of Far From Home AND The Complete Series! For the first week of release, The Complete Series (all 12 episodes of Far From Home and Sun Hammer – Part One) will be only $3.99. After that it will be $4.99.

Click the image below to purchase. Far From Home 10: Emissary, Far From Home 11: Salvation and Far From Home 12: Endgame are all available at the regular price of £0.99, too.

FFH Complete Kindle



AGENDA: Charity anthology of Speculative / Horror / SF short stories with 100% of proceeds to go to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust

WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR: One short story per person in the speculative, horror and SF genres no longer than 10,000 words. They can be previously published work, provided you have the rights to allow me to reuse them. For unpublished new work, it should be the best you can get it, although all new stories will go through an editorial process.

EXPLANATION: I am looking to put together an anthology of speculative, horror and SF stories to raise funds for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

As this is a charity anthology, I cannot offer any form of payment. You will be submitting your work in the knowledge that it will be used to raise money for a charitable cause. However, you will be able to publish your story elsewhere, independent of the anthology. And, if the anthology is as successful as I hope it will be, you will gain free promotion of your own work from its sale.

I am in contact with an artist I have admired for years, who worked on numerous famous book covers in the 70’s. I’m hopeful that he will allow me to reuse a piece of his for the front cover.

I will be contacting several well known authors, both traditionally and independently published, to see if they will be willing to either contribute a new piece of fiction, or allow me to reprint something already published.

Note that in the case of work being reprinted where it has already been published, I will accept it ‘as is,’ i.e. there will be no edits required or requested.

The anthology will be professionally edited, formatted and will have a professional cover. It will be a Kindle exclusive. There will be regular updates on my site regarding how many copies of the anthology have sold, and how much has been raised.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Email me at with ANTHOLOGY in the subject line and your story as an attachment. The deadline will be the end of October, 2013 for a January 2014 release.


A couple of things.

1) As of next week I will be writing Far From Home 9, 10, 11 and 12 exclusively. This means no more delays, no more long waits. You’ll get #9 in August, and then the last 3 very shortly after that. I think you’re all going to love it.

2) I am really thankful to all of the readers who take the time to a) get in touch and b) leave an honest review. You don’t know how much it means to me that people are enjoying the series. Again, thanks.

3) Which leads me to ask a favor. I recently collaborated with best-selling independent author Bernard Schaffer on a crossover from my series to his. It’s called:






respectively. And both installments could really do with a review or two.

If anyone would be interested in reading the both, and perhaps leaving an honest review afterward, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you copies.

I think it’s a great story that readers of the series will enjoy – it’s a prequel that involves Captain Singh and his second in command Jessica King – and I think you’ll dig Bernard’s series too. There’s a character in Grendel Unit called “Monster” and I for one would like to see him get his own spin-off, but hey, that’s just me.

If any of you kind people DO get in touch, and DO leave a review, I’m sure I can send you something a little special. Such as a signed book . . .

Here’s the link to Sun Hammer Part 1 US or UK

and the link to Sun Hammer Part 2 US or UK

Grab Free Content

Grab Free Content

My pal Bernard has posted Part 2 of his ongoing series on Independent Publishing, and in honor of that, I’d like to offer my readers a free copy of Dark Visions, along with other stuff.

There’ll be more added to the folder as time goes by but for now you can expect to find Kindle and Nook/Kobo files of:

Dark Visions (Short Story Collection)

Far From Home 1: Legend

The Tattooed Man (Short Story Collection)

The Stars My Redemption (Far From Home Prequel Novel)

and more.

Just hit GRAB FREE CONTENT above and get downloading.

DEAD PRETTY Friday Freebie

I have put together a new cover for my novella DEAD PRETTY. Here it is:

dead pretty

In case anybody missed the first promotion, I’ve made the novella FREE for all of today.

You can pick it up here in the US:

And here in the UK:

DEAD PRETTY now available as an eARC!

We’re still going through edits, but DEAD PRETTY is now ready for beta readers.

If you’d like to read it (in .doc format) then please hit me up at and I’ll send it to you.

Or you can download it directly from my DROPBOX!

In return for feedback and an honest review when it’s published I will send you the final, finished product and include your name in the Afterword at the end.