The 1965 crash of a supposed UFO at Kecksburg is often referred to in UFO-circles as the “Roswell of Pennsylvania.”

A brief description from

On December 9 1965, hundreds of witnesses in southern Canada, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania observed a UFO crash from the sky. In March 1966, scientist and UFO investigator Ivan Sanderson compiled an account from various eye witness stories.

The object took six minutes to pass the observed trajectory, from which Sanderson calculated a speed of 1,600 km/h, which, if accurate, would rule out a meteor. Several pilots spoke of being buffeted by shock waves as the thing passed them. There were also stories of a sonic boom and vibrations felt on the ground. The smoke trail was so intense that it remained visible for up to twenty minutes. During the final few miles of its flight the object seemed to change course.

After the impact the police set off the forest. They were subsequently chased away by the military. A few hours later the military team told them they had found nothing.

In January 1980 UFO investigator Clark McClelland interviewed the assistant fire chief of Kecksburg, James Mayes, and Melvin Reese, another fireman. They reported that their team had come within sixty meters of the object. They had seen an object on the ground that had smashed its way through the trees. Mayes explained how the military had cordoned off the woods and had established a temporary base, complete with telecom link. Fire chief Robert Bitner later confirmed this story. He also said had seen an object that was 1.8m high, 2m wide and some 5m long, clearly not an aircraft. It was resting at an angle on the ground as if it had impacted nearly horizontally. Another fire officer, ‘Pete’, stated he had seen a ring of bumpers around it into which were described some pictorial symbols. Being of Polish decent he could read Russian and stated that they were not Russian.

Researcher Ray Boeche file a Freedom of Information request for more data on the incident. In 1985 30 pages of data were procured. It was insignificant information, except for a memo that said a three man team had been dispatched to the site to pick up an object. The final conclusion of the file was that the UFO was a meteor.

A theory has been proposed that the object was a crashed Russian satellite (Cosmos 96). However, NASA has released data that say that Cosmos 96 reentered Earth’s orbit on December 9, 3.15 a.m. The crash took place 13 hours later.

After the US TV series Unsolved Mysteries had reported the case two new witnesses came forward. One was a USAF officer at Lockbourne AFB (near Columbus, Ohio). In the early hours of December 10, a truck arrived by the little used back gate of the base and he was ordered to patrol it. It was a flat-bed with a large tarpaulin on the surface covering a conical object. He was told to shoot anyone who tried to get too close. He was advised the truck was bound for Wright Patterson AFB, which is the reputed home of other crashed saucers.

The other witness was a building contractor who was asked two days later to take a load of 6,500 special bricks to a hangar inside Wright Patterson. When he sneaked a look inside the hangar he saw a bell-shaped device, some 4m. high sitting there. Several men wearing white anti-radiation style suits were inspecting the object. After he had been escorted out he was told that he had just seen an object that would become common knowledge in 20 years time.

The object was a bell-shape. Many have taken this as a direct link to the myth surround die glocke, the mythical Nazi experiment (Read Part One of this article HERE)

From, which by the way provides a brilliant and in-depth article on the incident, the bell is described by one witness as “a bronze colored, acorn shaped, and 12 by 25 feet in size object with a raised “blunt” end that had strange markings on it.” When you look at depictions of what the ‘acorn’ looked like, it is easy to conclude that there must be a link of some sort with that and the bell shaped device the Nazi’s were supposedly experimenting with twenty years previous.

You can read the abovetopsecret article HERE

To me, what makes the Kecksburg incident seem like such a genuine cover-up, is what happened to local reporter John Murphy. Go HERE to learn about the role Murphy had to play in the Kecksburg incident.

How strange that after being silenced regarding the crash, or whatever it was, he was killed in a hit and run? Was he targeted by government agents after being deemed a liability?

The Kecksburg doesn’t get as much exposure in the press as Roswell, but it is just as mysterious.

See the doc below:

Hopefully these two posts have allowed you to learn a little bit about the mystery surrounding die glocke, and the Kecksburg UFO crash. Whilst there’s nothing new I can write about these, I can link you to some great articles that already been written about them, which is what I’ve done.

Let me know your thoughts below. What do you think about die glocke? What do you think about Kecksburg? Is there a link between the two?


Someone I follow on @twitter, a very fine fellow called @SenorGeekus asked me a question relating to travelling through time. I thought my reasoning about time travel (whether I’m right or wrong) would make an interesting post. So here it is. Agree with me, disagree with me. I”ll be interested in reading your comments below.

I am going to describe two possible methods of backwards time travel and the problems they both pose to the time traveller.

The first is that you could travel backwards in time, but that your presence there would affect the timeline, and when you travelled to your ‘present’ time you would actually emerge into an alternate universe created by the changes your presence caused in the timeline.

To explain, you travel back in time to stop your Father from dying when you were 5. You prevent him from dying, but you drastically change the timeline in doing so. When you return to your normal time, you are in a seperate timeline. The change in the timeline would be quite obvious, your Father would be around, etc etc. What I mean is that you would know that you had emerged into a present that is different to the one you left originally.

What about a more subtle change?

You travel back in time to observe a historical event. You do not bump into anyone, talk to anyone, anything obvious. But say, perhaps, that your breathing affects the timeline because of the CO2 you have released into the atmosphere (think of the butterfly effect where a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a bigger event to happen on the other side of the world). What about where you have walked, objects you have come into contact with? When you return to your normal time, things may look very much the same, but you still would have altered the timeline ever so slightly, and would thus still emerge into an alternate timeline and universe even if you couldn’t tell it apart from the one you left.

The most well known film to deal with this kind of paradox is Back to the Future.

Marty McFly witnesses Doc Brown killed at the beginning of Back to the Future. He then travels to the past, and during the course of his adventure he leaves a note in Doc’s pocket telling him to wear a bullet-proof vest. When he travels back to the future, he witnesses Doc shot and supposedly killed again, but then all of a sudden Doc sits up and shows that he was wearing a bullet proof vest all along, and that he had the note Marty had put in his pocket 30 years before.

So… did Marty create an alternate timeline, one where Doc lives, leaving behind the original timeline where Doc dies? Well we know that Marty returns to find his parents different people, more successful and full of life, and that the antagonist Biff is a much more pleasant character after he has returned from the past, so we know he has changed the timeline.

So in Back to the Future, time travel does seem to lean more towards the quantum theory version of time travel – the multiple timeline and universe outlook. The actions of the time traveller going into the past change the timeline, even if he or she does so in only slight ways.

The other option for travelling back through time involves the predestination paradox. Let us say that you can travel back in time, but you have no influence on the timeline at all. You go back to stop your father dying when you were 5, but you cannot touch anything, you cannot interact with anything in the timeline.

Your actions in the past have no consequence. Reasoning would dictate that you are merely an observer then – but I think that the key lies with the fact that you cannot change the past in this version of backwards time travel.

Therefore, if you cannot change it, then to my reasoning you cannot visit it. If we are talking about sending a human being into the past, then really you cannot send somebody back in time if they have no reality in that timeline.
You cannot breathe in that timeline, you cannot stand on the ground in that timeline, etc etc, you are not allowed to exist in that timeline because time is locked and cannot be changed, it is all predestined to unfold as it has done, and so really its a double negative. We know that a human being, a living human being, cannot observe events in the fashion of Ebenezer Scrooge observing events from his past. It belongs in ghost stories. If we are going to travel back in time, we will have some effect on the timeline, and if we cannot have any effect on the timeline then surely the laws of nature will prevent us from being able to achieve backwards time travel.

So which one is correct?

1. You can go back, but in doing so you will create alternate timelines, and can never return to the original timeline


2. You cannot travel back in time, because events are predetermined to happen or are locked in place, by the predestination paradox, and therefore makes travel backwards in time a mute point

I believe the answer to be 2. If you invoke the rule of Ockhams Rule, which dictates that the simplest of two answers to a problem is usually the correct one, then you have to choose 2 as it provides the simplest answer to the problem = and that answer is No.

To me, you can only go back in time if you can exist in the past, and if you cannot exist in the past then you cannot travel to it. To travel to a time where you have no free will would surely be impossible; although the prospect of travelling into the past is an exciting one for free-thinkers.

However, whilst I do not believe that you can travel back in time… I think you could travel forward.

Again, I think there are two options. One involves travelling with great speed away from gravity, and the other involves folding the fabric of space-time itself.

1. You travel at high speed away from Earth, away from gravity, for four years but 100 years pass on Earth. Therefore you have travelled 100 years into the future, yet have only lived four years yourself. From your perspective you have travelled forward in time, though from the other side of the differential Earth has been monitoring your passage through space for a century. The other method is to travel around a black hole, at the point where the black holes gravity begins to distort space-time, creating a differential between the time around the black hole and the time whilst you travel within its orbit.

2. You travel through a wormhole, using it to pull together (or fold) the fabric of space itself to allow you to travel from one point of the galaxy to another almost instantly. However you now use the wormhole to travel between the present and the future instead, since the wormhole exists between space and time and can theoretically be used to travel to both.

It does make your head hurt when you think about time, and the many options that come with it. With my limited knowledge and outlook, I can barely understand the concepts of time travel and it would take a far better intellect than mine to fully consider all of the options.

But to answer the question posed to me by @SenorGeekus on @twitter, I do not think that time travel would affect creation, because I do not think you can travel back in time, and therefore you can only go forward into what is to come. You cannot undo what is done.

Going into tomorrow you would see what is coming, but I don’t know what good it would do you since you wouldn’t be able to travel back to the present with the knowledge you had gained.

And of course there is always the argument that there is actually no such thing as time, and that what we call time is merely a measurement of something, the wait between one moment and another.

I don’t think you can go back but I do think you can go forward.

But why would you want to?


I want to bring to your attention a fantastic article at written by M. Joseph Young, that I read a little while back concerning time travel in Flight of the Navigator.

Everyone thinks of Back to the Future when they think about time travel in movies, but I have always considered Flight of the Navigator to be a prime example of time travel. For a Disney film it actually has quite a complex time travel element. I’m not saying that Back to the Future doesn’t have well-thought-out time travel theories and concepts, and that it doesn’t open your mind to how time travel works, but I think Flight of the Navigator is example of time travel in film that you don’t hear cited often.

The main character, David is taken from his own time, and left in the future when the ship is on crashes into power cables. There he reconnects with his family, who have been without him for eight years, although no time has passed for David.

Through a course of events he finds himself at NASA, and manages to get on-board the crashed craft and navigate it away from the authorities. He is then taken back in time, presumably to the point just after he was initially abducted, with one of the small creatures from the spaceship in his pocket.

What might appear to be a simple, straight-forward time travel story becomes much more complex when you start to dissect it. I won’t do so here, because when you look at the site I am pointing you to, you will see why. It is a LONG article, and complex in its dissection. But it makes for fascinating reading, and highlights the thought that went behind one of my favourite childhood movies.

You can read the whole article by clicking HERE and I hope you really enjoy it. I did.

You can also check out this trailer for Flight of the Navigator. If you grew up watching it on VHS, this is pure nostalgia.


Great reading at about the four inventions that could have potentially changed the world. These being Time Travel, 100% Efficient Solar Cells, a Water-Fuelled Car, and real Teleportation technology.

Here is an excerpt:

During the last century there were claims of some mysterious experiments in which time travel happened and the most popular is the Philadelphia Experiment that was intended to make invisible a US destroyer ship. The ship was called USS Eldridge and on July 22nd, 1943, the destroyer escort became almost invisible and some people at the scene claimed that a “greenish fog” appeared instead. These claims were strengthened by the fact that some crew members experienced serious nausea after the experiment.
Well, the US Navy didn’t stop here with the experiments and on October 23rd, the USS Eldridge totally disappeared from the surface of the sea. Afterwards, the ship was spotted at US naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, then after a few moments it was spotted once again in Philadelphia and it appeared to be an accidental case of teleportation.
As if this wasn’t strange enough, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron, claimed that they leapt into “hyperspace” from Philadelphia to Norfolk and they “woke up” at a US Air Force Station in Montauk Point, Long Island in the year of 1983. The two members of the crew also said that they met with John von Neumann there, however, von Neumann died in 1957. We don’t know what to say about that, but people at the scene said that the crew members who were part of the experiment suffered from severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia.
In order to make it a little more weird, a member of the crew called Jacob L. Murray disappeared. Other bad things happened with the Philadelphia Experiment as five members of the crew were fused to the metal deck or on the bulkhead as some “special spots” caught fire. Although, the US Navy stopped the tests immediately, it seems like the Philadelphia Experiment was continued with the Montauk Project which consisted of a series paranormal experiments led by the US Government.

Allegedly, there were many experiments conducted at the Montauk Air Force Station that were destined to provide the US Navy and Army with “psychological warfare” technologies which also included time travel. Although it was regarded as a conspiracy theory, the first reports of the Montauk Project appeared in the early 1980s.
These rumors were based on Carl Allen’s testimony who said that the Philadelphia Experiment did happen. It seems like Carl Allen was mentally unstable therefore some people believed him and some didn’t. His story was nourished by others who claimed that the Philadelphia Experiment aka Project Rainbow was continued by researchers from the original experiment.
They started the work at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, New York, and they called it the Phoenix Project. After a while, they moved to another place in Montauk, New York, as the researchers needed more space and a more advanced radar dish. Although they didn’t try to replicate the Philadelphia Experiment, their main goal was to develop a gun that would cause severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Well, we don’t know very much about the results of the Montauk Project, but some reports say that it was finished in 1987 and that the Montauk Point is not opened for public due to environmental contamination.

I wonder which four inventions I would pick as potentially world-changing. Perhaps cold fusion technology? Quantum computing? But the four choices in the piece I think are good choices

You can read the whole thing by clicking HERE

and visit for further reading.

Thanks to Richard for the link.

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