If you read The Guardian, then you’ve read Ben’s articles. Whenever I buy The Guardian (I buy it less often than I used to) I look for his BAD SCIENCE column, and it never fails to be logically informative. If he read my ramblings on this blog, he’d find an endless supply of Bad Science!

Click BAD SCIENCE to visit his site. If you want to find out what crazy stuff he is reading at this very moment, you can go HERE where you will find each thing he’s reading, and a link to it.

I wouldn’t promote any individual newspaper to my modest readership, and even though I think The Guardian is one of the better papers out there, it’s not without its faults. But, Ben’s writing for The Guardian is well-worth a read from anybody. He deals in real science, and that’s the category I’ve posted this in.

This is my site, and I post things that are of interest to me, and I offer my unqualified views on them. Judging by the traffic for people seem to like coming here and reading them. But if you want real, thoughtful science writing, then go to Bad Science and have a look around. Some of the ‘bad science’ he disassembles and totally tears holes in is surprising.

By the way, you will also find Ben on twitter as @bengoldacre


This article from the Guardian, which you can read HERE is really quite entertaining.

A highlight:

Natural it may be, but animal reproduction can be a mighty strange business. Barnacles, for instance, have a penis 30 times their body length. Male snakes have a forked organ, allowing them to dodge the female’s tail and penetrate from either direction. Hedgehogs plug their partner’s vagina with excess sperm to stop anyone else’s getting a look in. Blue fairy wrens have testicles 25% their body weight. The female hyena picks and dumps her male as she sees fit, and has even evolved genitalia that look like a male’s