DEAD PRETTY Friday Freebie

I have put together a new cover for my novella DEAD PRETTY. Here it is:

dead pretty

In case anybody missed the first promotion, I’ve made the novella FREE for all of today.

You can pick it up here in the US:

And here in the UK:

Far From Home #1: Legend

The first instalment of my ebook series, Far From Home, is now out and available FOR FREE in all formats.

I intend for this first book in the series to be FREE wherever I can list it as so. This way the only chance you’re taking with Far From Home is with your time, not your money.

Amazon US link:

Amazon UK link:

Smashwords link:

And you know what? Can’t be bothered downloading it? No worries. Read it right here, on your screen via this link:


More information on the series, with the titles and covers of upcoming releases, can be found here: FAR FROM HOME