Ralph Compton Western Series

The Devil’s Snare

Two strangers unite to avenge their families’ murders in this gripping new installment of bestselling author Ralph Compton’s Gunfighter series.
The grisly murder of Glendon Hart and his family conveniently paves the way for a wealthy Amity Creek rancher to expand his empire of pastures and cattle. But the arrival in town of Glendon’s sister, Myra, throws a spanner in the works when she refuses to bow to Jack Denton’s increasingly intimidating demands to sell him her homestead.
Sixteen years earlier, on a snow-locked Nebraska farm, a band of outlaws executed Ethan Harper’s family before his young eyes. Ethan vowed bloody revenge against the men responsible, and after years of searching the trail has brought him to Amity Creek, where he and Myra gradually discover they share a common enemy, an elusive villain with a trio of murderous minions to do his bidding. Together, they must devise a plan to lure Denton into a deadly trap—and send the devil back to hell….

Blood On The Prairie

An infamous gunslinger finds his vow to reform put to the test in this exciting installment in Ralph Compton’s bestselling Gunfighter series.

Twenty years ago, Sherman Knowles was notorious as a fearsome shootist with an itchy trigger finger and a hot temper. Now he resides in peaceful Elam Hollow, his gunslinging days far behind him. He hasn’t fired a weapon in over a decade and is happy for that to be the end of the matter.
Then he receives a visit from his brother’s widow, asking for his help in finding his kidnapped niece, and Sherman is left with no choice but to pick up his guns once more and head out into the wilderness to rescue her before it’s too late. But you cannot escape the past, and Sherman soon finds the ghosts of yesterday waiting for him on the bleak, unforgiving prairie…

Die Trying

Two bandits are forced to put aside their rivalry to find a hidden cache of gold in this suspenseful installment in Ralph Compton’s bestselling Gunfighter series.
Outlaws. Assassins. Thieves.
That is how Chris Burr and Katie Roper are known. Ordinarily they’re enemies and competitors. But when they each find themselves in possession of half a map that will lead them to a fortune in hidden gold, they’re left with no choice but to work together. Their alliance is tenuous at best, and what begins as a tentative, untrusting partnership will soon become a game of cat and mouse through a sun-scorched land ravaged by the fiery conflict of the civil war.
As Chris and Katie learn that survival may depend on trusting each other, they are pursued across the desert by both a sheriff and a relentless, cold-blooded killer. With their fortunes and futures hanging in the balance, the hunters and the hunted find themselves on a collision course that will culminate in a final, deadly reckoning!