Harper and Lane

The Harper and Lane series

Desperate  to escape San Francisco and the case that had derailed her life, Detective Jane Harper thought she’d find peace in Hope’s Peak, North Carolina. Instead, she found a small town plagued by a series of unsolved murders stretching back decades. She also found Ida Lane, a woman who was not only determined to confront the ghosts of her past, but who had the astounding ability to lay her hands on the dead and witness their last moments. Using their unique skills, Harper and Lane work together in a haunting police procedural with a supernatural twist . . .


Praise for HOPE’S PEAK

“Atmospheric, surprising, and shot through with menace—fans of Stephen King and True Detective will love this exceptional thriller.” —Mark Edwards, bestselling author of The Magpies and Follow You Home

“Fantastic blend of thriller and paranormal made this an amazing reading experience!” —Blake Crouch, bestselling author of Dark Matter, author/creator of Wayward Pines and Good Behavior

“In this solid series launch from Healey…he plows a fertile field in this blend of detection and the supernatural.” —Publishers Weekly

“The bond between the two women, quickly cemented, is also an area that lends itself to more exploration…it will be interesting to see where Jane and Ida go from here.” —Mystery Scene Magazine

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Beyond the shores of Hope’s Peak, North Carolina, evil waits as his next victim approaches.

He’ll make her a princess like the others…

Detective Jane Harper can’t shake the image of the young woman discovered in a field—eyes closed, a crown of woven vines on her head. She expects macabre murders like this in her native San Francisco, not here. Jane and her partner, Stu, vow to catch the killer, but in this town, that’s easier said than done. The police department is in the grips of a wide-reaching scandal that could topple the entire force, and Jane and Stu face a series of dead ends. Until they meet Ida Lane.

Ida knows too well the evil that lurks in the cornfields. Tortured by her mother’s murder years before, Ida is paralyzed by the fear that she could be next. As the killer grows bolder, Jane must persuade Ida to use her remarkable gifts to help in the investigation. It’s a decision that brings them closer to the killer…maybe too close.