September/October Update

In August I was flown by my publisher, Thomas & Mercer, for filming in LA. The Kindle Most Wanted team shot two videos with me. “My Book In 15 Seconds” had me doing an elevator pitch for Hope’s Peak, against the clock. The second video, “If You Like . . .” had me citing comparable works to Hope’s Peak. I feel the filming went very well, and actually ended up enjoying it. I got time either side of that to explore LA, and meet some great T&M authors. Blake Crouch, Kirk Russell, Mathew Iden, Harry Hunsicker, and the lovely Diane Capri. I also got to meet a few more members of the T&M team, and finally got to meet my kickass editor at T&M, Jacque Ben-Zekry.

I have finished Harper & Lane Book 2, the sequel to Hope’s Peak. It’s being read by my trusted beta’s at the moment, and I’ll make changes to the manuscript based on their feedback. Then it will go to my agent Sharon to read before getting sent to Thomas & Mercer.

I’m currently hard at work at something new. A stand-alone thriller that explores a subject I’m interested in (a concept, really). I plan on having a second draft of that completed by November. Apart from any other changes made to H&L, Book2, this new project will be my last of 2016. Throughout December I will be plotting what I’m going to write next. Whether that’s finishing something I’ve abandoned for one reason or another, or a completely new project. I’ve got time to decide. But December off sounds good to me.

While we’re on the subject of Hope’s Peak, I have written a short story that serves as a prequel, and put it up for pre-order. It will come out December 15th.


I’ve also packaged several mystery/thriller titles in one collection, as my backlist was starting to look a bit scruffy. Night Walks is a collection of earlier works, including my crime novella Dead Pretty. That, too, will be out December 15th.


My good friend Bernard sent me a manuscript of his to read several months ago. I did an editorial pass, and helped where I could. I hope I made a positive contribution. Well, it went to our agent Sharon and she is sending it out in the next couple of days. It’s called The Thief Of All Light and is going to be a major hit. Remember I said that.

Things have been a bit nuts here, but I’ve found time to watch the excellent Crimson Peak; the gripping and impressive 10 Cloverfield Lane; not forgetting a pulpy treat, The Perfect Guy. My wife and I watched the last season of Rizzoli and Isles, which was nicely done. The finale was a low-key affair that honored the characters without feeling the need for set-pieces or over the top dramatics. I think they could easily make a Rizzoli and Isles movie now, as the door has certainly been left open for everyone to return.

I’ve been reading A God In Ruins, the companion novel to Life After Life; Blake Crouch’s mind-blowingly awesome Dark Matter; and as of this writing I am reading The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards. I’m looking forward to reading Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run, his autobiography. I might save that one for the Christmas list.

Well, folks. That’s it for now. I should get paperbacks of Hope’s Peak soon. And a copy of the audiobook. Now it’s the wait for the release day. Until next time!

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