April Writing Recap

As I type this, I’m off work (the day job) due to a pulled back. As the Dr puts it, “acute back pain and sciatica”. So there’s not been a lot of writing from me – there’s not been a lot of much, to be honest. However there have been several things going on this month.

I finished up a 7,000 word short story set in the Harper & Lane series. I really don’t know what will happen to it, but it’s being filed away for now.

We’ve finished the very final edits for Hope’s Peak, and I’ve been working with my publisher on the outline for Book 2. The plan is to get the novel as fully realized as possible before I begin writing, so that it’s an efficient process bringing the story to life. I write pretty tight, so the thought of having to cut tens of thousands of words from a draft makes me sick. I’d prefer to proceed with a solid foundation in place. There’ll be no pulling of bricks on this end.

Meanwhile, Hope’s Peak heads into “Production” at Thomas & Mercer, with copy edits, galleys, covers, etc etc all to follow. Very exciting.

With regards to Far From Home Chronicles, which I have promised since the beginning of the year, I’ve figured out a way of writing/releasing it in between my bigger projects. Chronicles will be released as novella-length episodes, and I’ve made Episode 1: The Cold Light Of Stars available already. Episode 2 will follow in July, and Episode 3 a month or so after that.

How long are they?

30,000 words each, about 150 pages.

How much will they cost?

$2.99 each.

What are they about?

For the past 27 years the Terran Union has been at war with the Sjan Empire.

Many star systems along the Union/Sjan border are in dispute. There are losses and gains on both sides. Union forces oppose the Sjan at every turn, but the cost of conflict is pushing every available resource to breaking point.

The Sjan war machine is relentless.

As Admiral Jessica King coordinates her forces to fight the Sjan Empire, new Intel indicates a prototype Sjan super weapon has been constructed and is at the testing stage. With her fleet stationed elsewhere, the task of investigating this new threat falls to the only ship she has at her disposal . . .

Why are you releasing them as episodes?

In case you didn’t know, I’m contracted with Thomas and Mercer, my publisher, for two books. The first of those is already done, and in the last stages of editing and line editing. The second I’m about to begin work on. This is going to take me a few months, and I have another novel (that I’ve never discussed before) I want to write afterward. Along with the co-written thriller I’m working on with Bernard Schaffer, and another possible Broken Stars sequel with David K. Hulegaard, so there’s a lot going on. But I still want to make time for these episodes, as I think fans of the original Far From Home will really enjoy it. More importantly, I enjoy writing them. If getting to work on them means I have to write them as 30k episodes, so be it.

You can purchase The Cold Light Of Stars by clicking HERE.

That’s it for April. Stay tuned for May’s update where, hopefully, I’ll have some news to share

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