Release Schedule!

I can now tell you that Planet Of Ice (The Broken Stars, Book 2) will be available by the end of January 2016. I will post closer to the time with an actual date. ARC’s are available to any who want them, simply email me tonyleehealey at gmail dot com. I am always happy to oblige in providing a free copy and ask only that you post an honest review when the book is made available for purchase. Every review (even 10 words long!) helps drive our books to readers, and we Indies are grateful for any and all we get.

The Cold Light Of Stars will follow at the end of February. And the immediate sequel, The Embers Of Lost Worlds, will follow in March. Again, a firmer date when I have one.

So, 3 solid months of releases for people to look forward to. AND I’ve decided what to do with the Black Nova storyline. All will be revealed . . .

I want to take this opportunity to wish my readers and friends a very Merry Christmas. I hope Santa produces from his great sack everything they desire! Here’s to 2016 – and all that it will bring.

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