About Far From Home & More!

A lot of changes going on. I have decided to remove Black Nova Part 1 and 2 from sale until I can decide what to do with them. I have been working on making them part of one novel, instead of serializing them. And while that work has gone well, I’m undecided what to do with it. I may finish it after Christmas, and release it here for free. I may put it out and let the proceeds go to charity. I really don’t know right now.

I apologize to any readers who were waiting to find out what happened. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait just a little longer.

Why the change? Because I felt that, ultimately, it wasn’t the direction I wanted to take the series. I felt that there is a big gap between The Complete Third Series and the first book in The Broken Stars. That gap spans 80 years. So I decided that instead of following hot on the heels of The Complete Third Series, as I did with Black Nova, I’d go forward 30 years.

Far From Home Chronicles features Captain Hara and the crew of the Lomu. It takes place during the Sjan war. Will it feature Admiral Jessica King in some way? … Yes.

What about the other characters from Far From Home?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

The first book of Far From Home Chronicles is well under way, and will be out in January. It’s called The Cold Light Of Stars. Here’s the cover:

Far From Home Chronicles 1

What else is new? Many readers have asked about sequels to Age of Destiny, the first book of The Broken Stars. Well, all this time I’ve been searching for a co-writer who could take the reins and do his or her own thing with it. After working with my good friend David K. Hulegaard on a small project called “Playlist”, I approached him about working on The Broken Stars. Thankfully he was more than up for it. We worked out what the plot would be, in broad strokes, and then I left him alone to do what he does best.

You will not be dissapointed in what David has put together. It’s longer than Age of Destiny, and full of action and suspense. Readers will love it. Only this week I sent him my edits and notes, and I believe I have an email waiting in my inbox from him, so it’s not far away. Again, I’m saying January for this one. It’s called Planet Of Ice and takes place immediately after the events of Age of Destiny. Here’s the cover:

Planet of Ice v2

Aside from that, the sequels to The Bloody North WILL happen in 2016. And there will be at least three books in Far From Home Chronicles this time next year. We might even have a third book in The Broken Stars from David.

I have a novel sitting with publishers right now. My agent and I are waiting to hear from them about that. Things go at a decidedly different pace in the Traditional Publishing world. As my agent Sharon told me over an email “It’s not like the wild west of Independent Publishing.”

She couldn’t be more right.

My friend (and mentor) Bernard Schaffer and I recently released “The Voyages Of Captain Kirn.” In case you’ve not read it yet, please do contact me for a review copy. This really is some of our best work and I know that my regular readers will absolute enjoy the hell out of it. Here’s the cover:

The voyages of captain kirnv5

Aside from that, expect an update near Christmas about The Cold Light Of Stars and Planet Of Ice.

And do keep leaving your reviews. They really are worth their weight in gold to authors.

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