First of all, some Far From Home news. I will be writing Black Nova Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 over the coming weeks, so look out for those. There will also be a collected edition, or omnibus with all 6 for one discounted price (see below).

Black Nova Omnibus

In the meantime, I’ve been steadily working with Bernard Schaffer on his Confederation Reborn series. So far there are 3 available that we’ve written together. Details on those here: There is also a 3-parter written by Bernard on his own, subtitled “Return Fire” and a collaboration between Bernard and my good friend Simon John Cox with the story “Fool’s Gambit”.

Every title in the Confederation Reborn series can be found here:

The stories Bernard and I have been working on follow the voyages of Captain Kirn and his legendary starship, the Endeavor. As I said we have 3 out already, with another 3 on the way. We’re also working up a 9 or 10 part mini-series. The story we’ve worked up for it is truly epic in my opinion. If you enjoyed the long-form storytelling, and serialization of Far From Home, this will be right up your alley. If you’re wondering where we are with it, I’m working on sections of episode 3 as we speak.

If you haven’t yet read A Brightly Flickering Flame, The Fire Eternal and Dusts of Creation, please do so. We’d love to know what you make of them.

We think they’ll blow you away.


Bernard Schaffer has assembled a wildly talented group of storytellers to create a new saga in science fiction. Simultaneously paying homage to the most beloved franchise in history, while twisting it to their own unique vision, the Confederation Reborn series is instantly familiar, and like nothing you’ve read before.

Join Tony Healey (Far From Home) and Bernard Schaffer (Grendel Unit, Superbia, and Guns of Seneca 6) as they team up for CONFEDERATION REBORN!

Available Titles

Flickering Flame v22

A Brightly Flickering Flame

Captain William Kirn is the most beloved, most decorated officer in the history of Confederation. He’s also the only one with a disciplinary action named after him for consorting with female officers. Now, readers will see firsthand how this swashbuckling legend earned his reputation as the classic crew of the ICSS Endeavor does battle with a dreaded Korgon warship.

Purchase from

Purchase from


The Fire Eternal

The Fire Eternal

William Kirn is an old man, living in a remote cabin, far from the days when he was the greatest captain in Confederation. After a lifetime in space, he seems destined to wind down his days doing little more than sitting on his porch, trying to forget his mistakes. The arrival of a mysterious woman will change all that, and with her comes the offer of an adventure unlike anything he’s ever dreamed.

Purchase from

Purchase from


dusts of creation

Dusts Of Creation

The crew of Captain Kirn’s Endeavor investigates a pending lunar impact, only to discover a colony of religious fanatics who reject everything Confederation stands for.
Written by best-selling authors Bernard Schaffer and Tony Healey, the Confederation Reborn series pays homage to sci-fi’s most beloved series, while breaking completely new ground.

Purchase from

Purchase from


  1. When oh when is the second THE FALLEN CROWN BOOK is going to be ready..Please let it be soon….all the best Tom

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