Out NOW: ‘City of Night’ and ‘Dark Beyond the Blue’ !!!

David K. Hulegaard and myself have secretly been working on a collaborative project called PLAYLIST. We have taken inspiration from some of our most favorite music and from that, experimented with short fiction.

There’s a blog about it here.

Our ultimate goal is that other writers will do their own thing and add to the project. We’d like to see writers taking their favorite tracks as inspiration, and paying tribute to their musical influences in building a vast catalog of short works. These two collections are just the beginning.


Mankind hides its darkest secrets right behind the eyes. Can you see them?


City of Night (Playlist Book 1)

City of Night is a collection of linked stories that tell one narrative – that of a man who has left his past in the shadows . . . only to find he has no choice but to embrace the darkness itself if he is to preserve the life he has made for himself.

City of Night is the explosive opening volume in the Playlist series, where the seeds of creativity and musical inspiration collide in ways readers will never expect . . .


Dark Beyond the Blue (Playlist Book 2)

From a man who learns a shocking truth at his mother’s funeral (“Tape Recorder”) to a tortured soul haunted by the memory of his biggest regret (“Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow”), this collection of five short stories is about people who aren’t what they seem on the surface.

Playlist is where the seeds of creativity and musical inspiration collide…

dark beyond the blue v3

Both of these are available to reviewers. Simply get in touch and we’ll email them to you in .mobi format for your kindle reading devices.

3 thoughts on “Out NOW: ‘City of Night’ and ‘Dark Beyond the Blue’ !!!

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’m going to link David to this. You should definitely read DARK BEYOND THE BLUE as it’s some of Dave’s finest writing yet.

      Best wishes,


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