Why I Have Delayed BLACK NOVA

I’m getting a lot of emails from concerned readers who had pre-ordered the 6 parts of Black Nova, and the Omnibus. Thus far Parts 1 and 2 have been released, and I was due to have the rest out by mid-June. However I am deep into a new novel, and knew I would not be able to get them done in time.

I could have postponed them, but Amazon doesn’t allow that. So I’ve had to cancel Parts 3-6, and the Omnibus, which means you’ve all been refunded – for now. My plan is to finish this current novel, then get Part 3 done before I set to work on Operation Chimera 2 with my buddy Matt Cox. Around about the same time, our fourth child is due, so I can’t say how quickly I will get the last 3 parts written, but I’ll certainly do my best to deliver them in a timely manner.

I know people have followed Far From Home all the way through to now – the sheer amount of pre-orders I had for Black Nova was testament to that – and I fully intend on bringing the rest of Black Nova out.

But not till I finish this book.

My hope is to have Black Nova Part 3 out mid-July. And because I couldn’t deliver these on time, when they’re released they will be free for 5 days straight. That’s my way of saying thanks to everyone for being so patient. So you will be able to get the other parts completely free if you pick them up with the first 5 days of their release.

As always, check back here (or sign up for email updates) to know the exact date . . . and thank you for reading.

Now, I’ve gotta get back to my novel . . .


10 thoughts on “Why I Have Delayed BLACK NOVA

  1. Hi
    Just wondered if you’ve got round to putting the rest of far from home in an omnibus edition, I’ve read the first omnibus edition, which ended in End Game?


  2. i have tried to order black nova part 1 to part 6,but for some reason it will not let me pre order these.

    1. Hi Peter, hope you’re well. As I explained in the article above, I’ve had to push them back for the time being. But rest assured they’ll be out soon as I am able to.

      Best wishes to you and yours,


      1. thank you very much for your info,i am well thanks,love to all your family,peter.

      2. hoping to read the bloody north part 2,is it out yet tony,peter.

      3. I’m hoping by Xmas, Peter. I really do want to make The Rising Fire at least double the length of The Bloody North. – Tony

      4. why dont you write a full series some thing like far from home,peter.

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