Confederation Reborn #5: Fool’s Gambit is OUT NOW!

When Bernard Schaffer announced the Confederation Reborn project, he asked for individual takes on the concept. My good friend (and Sussex neighbor) Simon John Cox went to work on his own vision, entitled Fool’s Gambit. I read the very first version, before even Bernard had a chance to get hold of it, and loved it straight away. Bernard and Simon worked their magic with it, and I read the final draft. I was blown away by the fact that between the two of them, they had taken Simon’s initial story and achieved the impossible – they’d made it even better!

I seriously can’t wait to read the next installment from Simon and Bernard – and I had great fun putting the cover together.

Fool's Gambit with ART

Fool’s Gambit is available now by CLICKING HERE and please consider leaving a review!

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