Review: The War Of Alien Aggression

I was going to write a review of each individual part of A.D. Bloom’s The War Of Alien Aggression but as I read through it, I couldn’t stop to reflect on each part. I had to motor to the end, find out how it finished.
I wasn’t dissapointed. Bloom exceeds expectations in delivering humour, great character moments (you really come to like and enjoy spending time with these people), hardcore action and more than a little actual science thrown in for good measure. I am pleased to say that I eagerly await the continuation of A.D. Bloom’s truly stellar new SF series.
For fans of Far From Home, The Synchronicity War and Confederation Reborn, The War Of Alien Aggression is the next, great SF adventure you’ve been waiting for!

You can purchase the whole set, as I did, by clicking HERE for the US and HERE for the UK

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