I’ve been a bit quiet on the Far From Home front lately. Well, it’s time that changed. I’m finishing up my horror novel, which was a Nanowrimo winner this year (This is my first time mentioning it). Then it is straight on with Far From Home.

Plans have changed. I originally wanted to end with this third series, but it looks like Jessica et al plan on being around a while longer. If you’re a reader of the series so far, I’m going to assume this will be good news to you.

The next books will be:

#17: Outland

#18: Intrepid

#19: Valiant

That will round out Series Three. After that, there’s a lot more to tell. I have them plotted, parts of them written, and they’re about as ready to go as they can be at this stage. I think readers will be thrilled by the storyline, and the direction I take the series this time around. I have reneged on how these will play out for a while, simply because I wanted to get it right. Now I’m about ready to set these down in print. I know some of you have been waiting for them, and I apologize for that.

I will be putting these up for pre-order as soon as I am able to. Pay no attention to the page count – it will in no way reflect the final product! For instance, Morgan Rice’s latest book, up for pre-order, is apparently only 10 pages long. We all know the end result will be 250 – 300 pages. It just allows readers to get it pre-ordered now so that it hits your kindle the moment of release.

Here’s the covers:




That’s all for now folks. Expect something about my current novel, Past Dark, very soon. As far as FFH is concerned? Hold onto your hats. These three books will blow your heads off.

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