Epic Interview: Recap

Did you miss parts 1-5 of my epic interview with Bernard Schaffer? Well don’t despair!

Just head on over here for part 1

Start at the beginning, it’s a very good place to start. From there you will find the other 4 parts of what turned out to be a truly insightful interview. Schaffer reveals a lot of himself, including a few things I for one had never heard before. He spoke about Harlan Ellison and gave his thoughts on Stephen King and why he considers him to be a sell-out.

For the record, I think that too, which is why I’m NOT reading his latest novel, Revival purely out of principle. I made this decision prior to Bernard’s interview, but it was nice to see the same opinion coming from someone else.

Part 1 of Confederation Reborn is FREE today and tomorrow, so if you fancy giving this exciting new series a go then by all means grab a copy.

Here’s the link: Return Fire Part 1 (Confederation Reborn)

Thanks for reading. Are you an author? Would you be interested in one of these epic interviews? GET IN TOUCH!

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