Great Book Covers Pt5 Jasper T Scott

My buddy Jasper T Scott has proven it is possible to write the kind of scifi you want to read, and have it reach a wide audience. Every installment of his Dark Space series has been a smash hit bestseller and I think that is due, in part, to his snazzy covers. They tell you what they’re about, what you can expect when you read them. And a point I’ve waited all week to make, until this final blog post, is that if an author truly cares about their work they will put the effort in when it comes to the cover. They will make sure it looks as good as it can possibly be.

Although many of us forego paperbacks, I think it’s healthy to compose your covers with that paperbacks-on-a-book-shelf mentality intact. Would your books look good up there on your shelf? No? Redesign them.

Thankfully, Mr Scott doesn’t have that to worry about. Check him out:

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