Great Book Covers Pt4 Morgan Rice

Without even reading the title properly, you know you’re looking at one of Morgan Rice’s ‘The Sorcerer’s Ring’ books. The choice of font (which I believe is called Felix Titling) and the way it is composed in relation to the background instantly communicate that fact. Despite the mixed reception she gets sometimes, I have nothing but respect for Rice.

1. She’s prolific – her fantasy standing at 17 books. That’s not counting her OTHER work.

2. She has built a loyal audience who crave her next work, who eagerly await it

3. She has pushed her way into the chart, shoulder to shoulder with the big names and stayed there for years

Anyone who can consistently churn out work at a decent standard, hammer the bestseller chart over and over again, and deliver great examples of cover design is worthy of admiration as far as I’m concerned. Have a look yourself:

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