Great Books Covers Pt3 J A Konrath

If you’ve not heard of Mr Konrath, where have you been? A hole in the ground? I find it hard to believe that any independent author serious about making a dent in the marketplace hasn’t at least once visited Konrath’s site and scoured it for tips.

The man is, in my own words, the KING OF BRANDING.

Even though his cover styles and formats change to accommodate different works, they have the same feel across the board. He has found a way, over the years, to make himself stand out from the crowd. Simple, effective covers that tell you straight away that whatever the book is, it has Konrath’s seal of approval.

Here’s the man himself:

One thought on “Great Books Covers Pt3 J A Konrath

  1. Thanks for the heads up Tony. I guess I was one of those living under a rock…LOL. I did like his covers, and even picked up a couple of books and two short stories he had on sale for the low price of free. He dose have some really good info on his site and I signed up for his newsletter while I was there. Thanks again.

    Michael B

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