Great Book Covers Pt2 Jon. F Merz

Branding is key to success. Tomorrow we’ll be having a peak at the KING OF BRANDING. But for now take a look at the books of Jon F Merz. Specifically the Lawson Vampire series. They are a perfect example of branding, of having a ‘house style’ as an independent author. That means, making your work look professional. That means, trying to give the BIG 5 a run for their money in doing the work of an entire ad department in developing your look and ensuring that it is a true reflection of what’s really important – the work.

Not familiar with the Lawson Vampire series? Check it out:

2 thoughts on “Great Book Covers Pt2 Jon. F Merz

  1. Hey Tony. Another series that has really great covers you need to check out is The Code Breaker series by Colin F Barnes.

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