Dearest Readers!

Here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes. My good friend Bernard Schaffer has been hard at work launching his scifi series Confederation Reborn. Multiple authors are hard at work at different tales set in the same universe, all under the Confederation Reborn banner.

I was approached to do the same, to write my own addition. So I teamed up with Bernard and wrote the first adventure featuring Captain William Kirn and the starship Endeavour, called A Brightly Flickering Flame.

All of these are out now and available to read.

I’m very excited about Confederation Reborn because it allows me to write all of those classic Star Trek stories I’ve always dreamt about yet, working with Bernard, make them our own thing.

Return Fire (by Bernard Schaffer) tells the story of the Confederation after it has been all but destroyed by The Swarm – a cybernetic enemy from the cold depths of space hell-bent on the enslavement of mankind.
From Amazon:

Once a mighty assembly of races spread across the galaxy, dedicated to peace and exploration, now stands on the brink of collapse.

Twenty years after a devastating attack by the dreaded Swarm, Confederation lives in the shadow of its own legacy and in fear that their enemy will return. Now, the most advanced warship of its time will venture into Swarm territory on a mission of revenge.

In Return Fire 1-3, readers will experience the beginning of a new era in science fiction.”

A Brightly Flickering Flame (by Bernard Schaffer and myself) is set a century beforehand, and follows the adventures of Captain William Kirn and the starship Endeavour.
From Amazon:

“Captain William Kirn is the most beloved, most decorated officer in the history of Confederation. He’s also the only one with a disciplinary action named after him for consorting with female officers. Now, readers will see firsthand how this swashbuckling legend earned his reputation as the classic crew of the ICSS Endeavor does battle with a dreaded Korgon warship.”

To purchase Return Fire Part 1, 2 or 3 Click Here
To purchase Return Fire (Collected Edition – Parts 1-3) Click Here
To purchase A Brightly Flickering Flame Click Here

Oh and did I mention that I also have two other projects out? Age of Destiny is available to purchase by Clicking Here. And you can grab Operation Chimera (co-written with Matt “The Machine” Cox) Right Here.

Suffice to say it’s been a busy month! As always, I’d appreciate your help in getting the word out about these projects as I know that readers of my work will absolutely love them. Now, it’s back to the grindstone for me . . .


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