Advice for Independent Authors: Get Known

I am a relatively shy person. It takes a while for me to warm to anyone, to open up and relax around people. That can extend to the internet, and I doubt I’m the only one.

I know this is going to be hard, but you need to get yourself out there. Get known to readers.

Have a blog or (preferably) a dot com. Put that link in every book, front and back so people see it. Along with that, get yourself a twitter account. I have found twitter highly valuable in allowing me to form a tight network of writer friends across the globe. It’s a very convenient form of communication for your readers, too.

That said, I recommend setting yourself up with a Facebook page. Note that I AM NOT telling you to accept friend requests from random strangers who have read your work. Keep your own personal FB account private. Friends and family only. A Facebook page is a bit different. All they have to do is click LIKE and there’s no access to your personal photo’s and statuses required.

Would I bother with other social media accounts or services? No. There’s not enough time. Pick two and stick with them. Whether that’s Twitter and Facebook, or Google Plus and Flick.r.

Whatever you choose to do. Get known. I can’t emphasise it enough.


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