Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Far From Home started life as a serial – 12 episodes of about 50-60 pages each which, when combined, made the First Series.
With the Second Series I wanted to do something different, tell longer tales so I opted to write episodes 13, 14 and 15 as novels.
My intention with the Third Series was to go back to the serial model, tell the end of the story over 15 episodes. However readers have voiced their concerns about the sudden shift in direction, and I’d be a fool not to listen.
Therefore, the Third Series will consist of the following mix of long and short entries:

#16 Spectre – short episode

#17 Outland – novel-length episode

#18 Exile – short episode

#19 Union – novel-length episode

#20 King – novel-length episode

Far From Home #20 King will be the last in the series featuring Captain Jessica King and her crew, and will wrap everything up. So, I’m confident this new sequence of episodes will prove favourable to readers confused by the shift back to serialization that I’d originally intended.

I have several series on the go, and it will take me time to complete the rest of Far From Home. My current projects (ongoing) include:

– Operation Chimera (a collaboration with author Matt Cox that serves as a prequel to Far From Home – Book 1 is out in October, published by Curiosity Quills Press)

– The Broken Stars (set many long years after the end of Far From Home, this new series is also a spin-off and will likely be a trilogy)

– Confederation Reborn (I’ll be writing a 3-part story as part of Bernard Schaffer’s new series, which will see different writers all contributing to the same series. At the last count there were 11 of us all writing our own thing for it. My own, Halley Station, will be written very soon)

– The Fallen Crown (Book 1: The Bloody North is out and doing really well, both in terms of sales and reviews. Book 2: The Rising Fire is yet to be written, but I hope to do so before the end of the year)

– Hitler Must Die (a collaboration with author William Vitka – I don’t want to say too much about this right now, apart from stating the fact that it will blow your socks off)

– Untitled Project (a collaboration with author David K. Hulegaard – again, can’t say too much about this one just yet, only that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before)

– Far From Home (of course!)

Know that I am *always* at work on one of these projects, and that I endeavour to make the last act of Far From Home the best yet. I ask for your patience and, as always, I thank you all for your support.


2 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Tony, I am digging the idea of a prequel to Far From Home, as well as the ‘many years later’ concept. I’m an avid lover of stories that have great length (not sure what the literary term for that is). Looking forward to many future great reads. THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks David, I can’t believe I saw this comment 4 months ago and totally forgot to reply. My sincerest apologies for that. Yes, there are big plans for FFH. Watch this space!

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