Insight Into My Latest Work-In-Progress . . .

I’ve committed to writing the final 15 episodes of Far From Home (which will constitute ‘Series 3’) but that hasn’t stopped me from working on my other projects, too.

The Rising Fire (The Fallen Crown, Book 2) will be out before the end of the year. The story is 90% there. I’ve used no actual maths to come up with that figure, just trust me. There’s a handful of things I’m still chewing over, but I’m in a good place to start on it soon. So to the lovely readers who’ve been contacting me about it, be patient. It’s happening.

But right now, I am not working on anything to do with The Fallen Crown series, or Far From Home. Actually, that last one’s a bit of a fib. It’s set in the same universe but apart from that, has nothing to do with the events/characters of Far From Home.

This new series is called ‘The Broken Stars’ and, a first for me, it is being written with Young Adults/New Adults in mind. Of course, it will appeal to my usual readers as well. But I am telling the story of a late-teen coming of age in a galaxy at war with itself. It features a cast of young and old characters (mostly young) on a rip-roaring adventure through the stars. That’s not to say it’s devoid of tragedy and grief, too. I mean, that sort of stuff is everywhere in my work. It just naturally embeds itself in there. Perhaps that comes down to that sort of stuff being a universal experience.

Anyway, my planned release date for ‘The Broken Stars, Book 1’ is Monday October 6th. It will be up for pre-ordering before that, the first of my books to take advantage of the new feature on Amazon.

I don’t have a title yet for the book. That’ll be announced closer to the time, along with the full cover – I have several titles I’m thinking of, so that’s up in the air at the moment. This work is more in the vein of space opera than Far From Home and very, very fun. I’ve had the idea for it dating back seven or eight years and finally found a way of telling it in a way that’s pleasing to me as a writer.

Here’s the logo to whet your appetite.


As I said, readers of Far From Home will see the connections there. The use of Jump Drives, for example, and mention of the Terran Union. But apart from that, it’s a separate story. So pencil that one in, folks. And keep checking back here (or sign up to be notified of new posts by email) for the latest on it. Closer to the time, I’ll be looking for people to read it ahead of release.

Until then, take care,


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