Far From Home and The Fallen Crown fans: Coming Soon!

Waiting to be sent off for editing is Spectre (Far From Home 16) and A Man With Purpose (A Short Story). Being written right now is Outland (Far From Home 17).

Spectre follows the crew of the Spectre as they are assigned to investigate the events of Enigma, Nemesis and Vengeance. It actually takes place parallel to the events of Vengeance, as does the next episode, Outland. Both installments examine the mystery surrounding the hybrid soldiers created by the Union, and the conspiracy that led to Admiral Grimshaw’s assassination.

Exile (Far From Home 18) will then tell the tale of what happens after Vengeance, with the new characters properly introduced to readers.

S3 16S3 17S3 18

Get ready to meet Captain Rick Shaw, a cock-sure veteran with one eye. Commander Will Ardai, an old flame of Jessica’s who is always trying to do the right thing. Kalar, a Xantian with six arms who pilots the Spectre. Punk, a four foot tall Alpor with a cockney accent. And Barbie, a gigantic Mantipor who has anger issues.

A Man With Purpose Cover

A Man With Purpose is a brand new short story set in The Fallen Crown series that examines how Larch West came to lead a band of men against the Breakers and is as bloodthirsty as you’d expect from the series.

As always, if any readers would like free review copies of these three, just give me a holla.

7 thoughts on “Far From Home and The Fallen Crown fans: Coming Soon!

  1. hi tony,when is book 2 of the fallen crown coming out ,just loved your book,its a great read can not wait untill the next book.

    1. It’s nearly ready to be written. Bits of it are gestating at the moment (haha)

      So glad you enjoyed it.


  2. would love a free copy,but its no use to me i can not download any of it,it just dissapears on my computer,any way thanks for trying.

  3. you know i love all of your books cant wait untill the next is released.peter.

  4. so glad you enjoyed your short stay at longleat, havent been there since 1975.

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