A few readers have taken the time to contact me, asking about the status of Spectre.
I thought I’d put everything in this one post, for reference. In case you missed my post a little while ago, I have made the decision to release Far From Home Series 3 as a serial, as I did originally with Series 1, only this time it’ll be 15 episodes not 12.
The story is just too broad, too big to do it the way I was going to. For one thing the cast is much bigger this time around. I will be hopping from one set of characters to another.
So, the publication date for Spectre: soon. That’s all I can say. I want to have Outland (Far From Home 17) completely finished before Spectre goes off to my editor, so that she can handle the two at the same time. This most likely means that I’ll be doing a double-publication to kick the new (and last) series off with a bang. Whilst Laurie is working on slashing away at those two with her gigantic red pen, I will be writing Exile (Far From Home 18).

August: Spectre (16), Outland (17) and Exile (18)

Pencil it in, folks.

As I’ve told to many of the people who’ve been in contact with me regarding the publication of Spectre, I’ll be more than happy to provide an Advanced Review Copy for your kindle devices. Just give me a shout via email.

Right, back to the grind stone . . .


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