“The Bloody North” is AVAILABLE NOW !!!

The Bloody North (The Fallen Crown Book 1) is now available to purchase in the Kindle Store.

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The Bloody North


Left for dead, his wife and children slaughtered, Rowan Black vows revenge on the man responsible. But first he’ll have to make it across the bloody north and that is easier said than done when there’s a price on your head . . . 

For fans of gritty, action-packed fantasy in the vein of George R. R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie. 
Bestselling independent author Tony Healey presents The Fallen Crown series, a hard-hitting sword & sorcery epic that will blow you away and leave you gagging for the next installment!

* * *

And The Rising Fire (The Fallen Crown Book 2) is in the works, so watch this space!

The Fallen Crown 2

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