I’ve had a lot of feedback recently from readers – by email and by contacting me here on the site – about the availability of Far From Home: The Complete Third Series.

Well, here it is.

What I’m writing now

I’m currently up to my neck in the rewrites/second draft of The Bloody North (The Fallen Crown Book 1) and that will go to my editor Laurie next weekend at the latest. I will be looking for readers for this, so if anyone is interested in giving me feedback . . .

What I’m writing next

Once that is away, I have a collaborative effort with William Vitka to complete. You may know Vitka as the author of Infected or Bartender. We’re putting together something called The Literary Grindhouse and you can find the very beginnings of a website at http://www.literarygrindhouse.com – this collaborative effort will either be Hitler Must Die or something else. We’re still ironing that out.

Once that is done, I owe my publisher Curiosity Quills a YA horror novel I’ve been meaning to finish for a while. My hope is that I can get it finished in time so they can release it before Christmas.

And then . . .

I will finish Spectre, then get to work on Exiles, Conflict and Legacy. These four parts make up The Third Series of Far From Home and they will be released weeks apart from each other. My editor Laurie is also hard at work (right now, in fact) re-editing The Complete First Series. The 12 installments of that were written over the course of a year, and we’re going to try and make it into more of a cohesive whole. Iron out the kinks. So the second edition of that will also be forthcoming.

All four parts – Spectre, Exiles, Conflict and Legacy – will be out way before the end of the year. As always keep checking back here, be sure to sign up for updates via email, follow me on twitter, and like my facebook page.

Thanks for reading, and keep your messages coming. I love to read them.


PS – If you’ve read Enigma, Nemesis and Vengeance, why not consider popping a review for The Complete Second Series on Amazon? It sure could use some. By the looks of things, readers have enjoyed the three separate entries. So if you feel inclined to do so, feel free to share your thoughts on the three as a whole on the listing for The Complete Second Series. You have my thanks in either case.

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