A Brief Update Of Sorts

I am now over 3/4 of the way through Vengeance. Really pleased with it so far. The writing has gone well. I am off next week, so I will finish Vengeance then get cracking on Spectre.

A note on Spectre – I originally planned on doing another mini-series called Far From Home: Shadow Force. But after due consideration, I decided to simply write it all in one hit and make it the next installment in the series. Instead I have a new serial I will be kicking off very soon called Far From Home: The Lost Missions (the patreon page for it was mentioned here a few days ago). We’ll see how this patreon thing works. I’m happy to try my hand at anything.

The Lost Missions will tell 12 seperate (but interconnected) stories, set in the 12 months the Defiant spent away, exploring strange new worlds. I felt that when I came to write Enigma, I should have a gap of at least a year between the events of the original serial (see Far From Home: The Complete Series), but after publishing Enigma I wondered if I should address what could’ve happened in that 12 month interim. So Lost Missions will be that story.

That will come a bit later on. Readers of Far From Home can look forward to Vengeance in May, Spectre in June and an omnibus of Enigma, Nemesis, Vengeance & Spectre which will be called Far From Home: The Complete Second Series in July.

I’ll also be doing something of a competition around then. More on that another time. I think what I have planned is pretty unique, compared to what a lot of writers are doing.

I’m now on season 4 of Breaking Bad, and wishing it wouldn’t end. I’ve also been catching the odd episode of Bones. My music choices this week have mostly been dominated by The Boss, but to be honest that’s never a bad thing.

What you won’t see from me in 2014: Dead Quiet, the next Colby Jones book. I’ve had to push it back, at least until early 2015. Sorry folks. The same goes for Hitler Must Die.

What you can count on seeing: Vengeance (Far From Home), Spectre (Far From Home), Far From Home: The Complete Series, Far From Home: The Lost Missions (episodes 1 through to 12). Also expect to see Nightfall (working title at the moment), Operation: Chimera (pubbed by CQ and co-written with Matt Cox), Jack Axle, A Storm Of Shadows (Book 1 of The Fallen Crown).

That’s it for now. Tomorrow I pick up my new HP Chromebook, bought strictly for writing purposes. We’ll see how it goes.

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