To promote the release of the entirely awesome Grendel Unit 2 – Ignition Sequence, I have made Sun Hammer Part 1 FREE for this weekend. My friend Bernard has also made Grendel Unit 1 and Sun Hammer Part 2 FREE, and the one and only William Vitka is offering Stranded for FREE as part of one big promo effort.

So that’s a joining of three series to bring you entertainment for absolutely nothing. The Far From Home Series, the Grendel Unit Series and the Hroza Connection Series!

So. Let’s get this straight. For this weekend only you can get . . .

Grendel Unit 1 FREE

Sun Hammer Part 1 FREE

Sun Hammer Part 2 FREE

Stranded FREE

I don’t see how you can resist this promotion. What a steal! And if you get the above for absolutely nothing, why not grabĀ Grendel Unit 2 – which is available now in the Kindle Store!