Updates Updates Updates!

Hello all.

I’m nearly done with Nemesis: A Far From Home Novel (Far From Home 14), and will pass it onto my editor Laurie by this Sunday for a March 12th release. Once I have a spruced up copy available, I’ll be sure to send to those who’ve asked.

After that I’ll be writing the first 3 episodes of Shadow Force, which I’ll be releasing shortly after, then finishing the YA horror novel I’ve signed with Curiosity Quills.

Once that’s sent off and in their capable hands, I will be writing the first book in my new Fantasy series, The Fallen Crown. I’m pleased to announce I’ve been working with artist Joel Lagerwall on the cover art for Book 1, and it’s coming along really well. He’s managed to capture exactly what I had in my head. Although I’ve gone for a modern feel with the titles, etc, I really wanted that classic artwork for these. Joel’s just the man for the job. He’s got a really cool FB page, so be sure to check him out!

Once that’s done, it’ll be Vengeance. I’ve decided on the next three FFH after that. They will be Exile, Conflict and Legacy.

To see how all of this plays into continuity, here’s how it’ll work:

Far From Home: The Complete Series




Shadow Force




As you can see, Shadow Force bridges the first trilogy of novels to the next. All will make sense when they’re out. Shadow Force will be an initial run of 6 episodes, which will be available as one volume at some point. Probably a month after the 6th is out.

At the end of the year, readers will be able to grab the whole lot in one big boxset. This will likely run to 300,000 words (!) all told, but I’m hoping it will give everyone a “good value” alternative to buying them separately.

Well, that’s it for now. Busy, busy, busy as always. Enjoying the Bruce Springsteen Live downloads from his story. I recently bought Perth 5th February and might treat myself to one of the South Africa shows next. Good stuff.

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