Clues To NEMESIS and a chance at a PRIZE!

Readers of Far From Home who’ve read Enigma will know there are three parts to the book. They are:

Part 1 – La Familia

Part 2 – The Unknown

Part 3 – Pandora’s Box

Well, I thought I’d throw a few clues out there as to what Nemesis will bring to the table. It is in four parts, those being:

Part 1 – Pursuit

Part 2 – The Mobius Formation

Part 3 – Tempest

Part 4 – Fire And Rain

So . . . use the comments fields below to let me know what you think will happen in Nemesis. If you’re right, well . . . there just might be a prize!

2 thoughts on “Clues To NEMESIS and a chance at a PRIZE!

  1. howdy,
    You have hook my imagination, interest, emotional stability possibly serious side effects as yet not realized. Thanks I needed this book. The characters are a book each. This new Nemesis is a new path for the series and I feel that opening Amarax and awakening Cessqa will leave them with the decision that this new species may not have be destroyed. l see that good is within cessqa, she her people have much to offer civilization within the galaxy. One way I imagine is to take away the mechanical parts and leave the biological, let nature develope the species. Or write a new book of what gia thinks of all this manipulation of her plan. Thank you Tony Healey, for sharing your knowledge and imagination with us poor mortals. I will read on. Diosdado

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