Little Updates, etc and AN ANNOUNCEMENT ON EDGE OF OBLIVION 2!!!

Both Matt and I have completed our drafts of Operation: Chimera (A Far From Home Spin-off) and are ready to hit a second draft. I’m going to be doing some work on my parts next weekend. For now I am hitting Nemesis. Progressing well, it’s like putting on a pair of old slippers now. Once I get a few pages down, I’m back there with them. Rocking and rolling.

Nemesis will be out on my birthday, March 12th.

After that I’ll be writing Book 1 in my new fantasy series, The Fallen Crown. And then in April I’ll be writing the second half of my YA horror novel Nightfall.

After those? It’ll either be Vengeance (the follow-up to Nemesis and Enigma), Hitler Must Die, Operation: Chimera 2 or the second book in The Fallen Crown series. I’ve not decided yet. But at least I have plenty of options!

Edge Of Oblivion is now out and doing well. All of the contributors have done blogs, podcasts, etc, to spread the word. I’m very proud of them and the anthology we’ve produced together.

I am looking to do a second anthology, with a working title of EDGE OF OBLIVION 2 (Don’t fear, this won’t be the ACTUAL title. I’m not that lame). As before, I am looking for speculative fiction and horror (original or reprints, I’m not fussed) no longer than 10,000 words apiece. However there is one rule I will be enforcing and that relates to formatting.

I will not accept stories that contain spaces between paragraphs, tabs in place of proper indents and wonky styles. So here’s how I want them:

12pt font

Double Spaced

0.5 indent on every first line

If you need a break between paragraphs, just use * * * – no need for extra returns

I will format all stories to my own specifications anyway, but it just makes it a lot easier (and faster) if they’re all set out near enough the same. I will not be spending unreasonable amounts of time sorting out wonky formatting. You have been warned!

So you heard it right here. I want your stories! As usual my email is Please send them along with the subject heading EDGE OF OBLIVION 2

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