Coming April, 2014! New series “The Fallen Crown”

I’ve said it for a long time. Well, this year it’s happening.

My new series, The Fallen Crown will debut April, in both Kindle format and paperback with Book 1: A Storm Of Shadows

Here’s the snazzy front cover:

The Fallen Crown BK1

The series will make use of years of notes and ideas. It will combine sweeping drama with action and adventure. I have several things happening on the Far From Home front this year, but I think the time is right to take the plunge into fantasy, too. Trust me, I fully intend for this to be EPIC fantasy.

If anyone would like to be pre-readers for this, when I have a draft available, please leave a comment below. (Don’t e-mail me just yet as I’m likely to forget you did so when the time comes. A comment below will do just fine).

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