What’s Been Going On Lately

So, a little catch-up.

I’m currently writing my half of a collaboration on a Far From Home spin-off, co-written with Matt Cox. The spin-off is called Operation: Chimera and whilst I’m making progress with my draft, I’m not where I need to be. There’s been stuff going on, the family cat died (which lost me a day), I’ve been off work for a few days with a stomach bug . . . it goes on. However, as of tonight I’m back on it. So hopefully I can get myself back on track. I want to have it finished by the end of January.

Next up, I will be writing Nemesis: A Far From Home Novel (which I’ve already made a start on). People have been asking me when it will be out, so I can now confirm it will be out there for March 12th (my birthday). All going well.

Shadow Force, another spin-off, will be out at the end of Feb. I’ll be writing that in-between Operation: Chimera and Nemesis.

Edge Of Oblivion, an anthology I’ve compiled to benefit charity, is taking shape nicely. Several proofreaders have had their hands on it, and have helped to fine tune it and ensure it goes to print with as few glitches as possible.

If you haven’t tuned into it yet, I recently did an interview with David K. Hulegaard for his Hulegaard Books podcast.

<<<Go Here>>> to listen.

I’ve been listening to Bruce Spingsteen’s latest, High Hopes. Great album as always. I recently watched We’re The Millers – a fab film. And I recently read Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard. Now I’m reading The Shadow Tracer by Meg Gardiner before I move onto The Billionaires Apprentice by Chase Carroway.

That’s all for now.

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