Some of you have been asking what’s happening to Nightfall, my YA horror novel. Well, it’s now signed with Curiosity Quills for a 2014 release at some point. Until I hand it over, however, it will continue to be serialized and free to read in rough form.

I’ve now reached the halfway point with the project, and am more than happy with how it’s going. But, due to the amount of projects I have to finish first, I cannot continue work on it until February.

First I have Edge Of Oblivion, the charity anthology, the finish off. I have final corrections to the many stories to make and send to their writers. Then it has to be compiled and published (and I have to find a reputable company to do a paperback version relatively cheaply).

Then I have Ascension, a Hard-SF tale I’ve finally gotten around to finishing.

And a collaboration with Matt Cox called Operation: Chimera that takes place in the Far From Home universe.

AFTER those, it’s back to Nightfall with a view to finishing it by mid-February.

So, those of you who’ve been reading along and waiting patiently . . . I ask you to wait just a little more. I promise you, the it will be worth it. I’ve really enjoyed writing this first half and I’m looking forward to writing the second half, too.

For now, it’s back to the grindstone for me.

One thought on “An Update On NIGHTFALL!

  1. well done tony,and a happy christmas and prosperous new year,looking forward to reading any thing you have written.peter davies.

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