Meet Matt! (and other updates!)

As well as writing the core Far From Home series – which I’m currently continuing with a series of novels – I am also working with two other writers on Far From Home spin-offs. I plan 5 novels for 2014, not including the spin-offs.

The first is called Operation: Chimera (A Far From Home Series) and is written with Matt Cox.

Here’s his site. Check him out. He’s a great guy:

It’s set during the 200 year war between the Terran Union and the Draxx Dominion. We’re really cooking up a great story for it, and I think readers of the main series will be delighted with it. This spin-off is being published by Curiosity Quills. As soon as I know anything about cover art, etc, I’ll be sure to share the news.

The other spin-off I’m developing now is called Frontier (A Far From Home Series). I can’t reveal just yet who my co-writer for that one is, but Frontier’s entirely different to anything that’s happened in Far From Home so far. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to reveal who the co-writer is, along with cover art.

So if you’re a reader of the series, this coming year you have a lot to look forward to.

Nemesis (A Far From Home Novel)

Vengeance (A Far From Home Novel)

Untitled Book 16 (A Far From Home Novel)

Untitled Book 17 (A Far From Home Novel)

Untitled Book 18 (A Far From Home Novel)

Frontier (A Far From Home Series)

Operation: Chimera (A Far From Home Series)

More info when I have it . . .