EDGE OF OBLIVION Finalists! This is it!

Here, in the order in which they’ll appear in the anthology, are the stories that made it. A big thank you to everyone who sent me something to read, and if you didn’t make it for this one please consider me again if I put together another one next year.

To everyone on this list, a big warm-hearted thank you. Some of you are waiting for edits from me, and some of you have all ready been through that stage. I’ll be keeping you all updated via email as the project continues to come together.

Here we go . . .

The House On Lantern Lane by Bernard Schaffer

Still by Simon John Cox

The Tunnel by David K. Hulegaard

Dinner by Jeff Provine

The F*cker Out Of Space by Tony Healey

The Torch Singer by Nathan Yocum

Remotely Viewed by David Cederbaum

A Taste For Eyes by Jay Wilburn

How We Left The Desert by RJ Astruc

Bloodline by Kevin Duncan

Higher Order by James Wymore

The Last American Mortal by Michael Shean

Untitled (As Yet) by Douglas Glassford

Untitled (As Yet) by Courtney Cantrell

Angel Eyes by William Vitka

More details to come! Stay tuned!

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