A Brief Writing Update

Hello all. Deep into writing at the moment, but I will give you a very quick update on where I am with my projects so far.

Far From Home: installments #10-12 are with my editor, and will be available on the 30th as planned. A little while after that I will release  the Complete Series in one big ole book. That collected volume will be available, probably, in the middle of October.

Ascension: I’m writing it now. It is structured in 8 parts, and this week I completed a Part and a half, if that makes sense. I’m on track with it, and thoroughly enjoying writing something that isn’t action adventure, but thoughtful scifi – like the kind of scifi I read growing up.

The Nightfall Trilogy: As noted before, I have a bit of work to do on Book One, then that will be available on Boxing Day. I now have a terrific cover from Keri Knutson, and it really captures the feel of the story. A note on Nightfall that I’ve not previously revealed:

Book One, “The Dark Sun” is written in standard third person, past tense narrator

Book Two, “Under The Shadow” will be written in the present tense

Book Three, “The Dawn Breaks” will be written in the first person

My reason for the shift in narrative perspective is to bring you closer to the characters as the story develops . . . to make the experience more intimate. If you hopped from one to the other in the same book, it could prove jarring. However using one for one book, and another for the next, is no great leap. And it suits the story that will be told in “Under The Shadow” and “The Dawn Breaks”.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that just because Nightfall is written with a YA audience in mind, I don’t want to treat them any differently than my adult audience. Of course, there will not be swearing or sex in Nightfall – on that score my mind is made up. BUT why not try something a little different, regardless of the audience? And besides, when you all read the three books, you’ll see why I chose the shift in writing style from one book to the other.

I guess the whole purpose of me telling you all this, is that I’m constantly trying to push myself. With Ascension I’m shooting for something big, grand, thoughtful. With Nightfall I’m taking you on a journey through the years, using whatever tools I can to tell the tale. As a writer, if you’re not pushing yourself to try new things, and punch above your weight, then why bother in the first place? It’s all just $$$ and that’s never a healthy reason to do anything, let alone write.

Now . . . back to the grindstone.

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