Publication Dates!

For Your Information:

These are the firm, set-in-stone release dates for my current projects.

  • Far From Home 10, 11 & 12 will be out on the 30th of September.
  • Far From Home: The Complete Series will be out a couple of weeks later, in October.
  • Ascension will be out the 2nd of December (Cyber Monday).
  • Dark Sun (Book 1 of the Nightfall Trilogy) will be out Boxing Day.

Far From Home: The Complete Series has been freshly edited and checked to fix a few little errors here and there. It also features Part 1 of my collaboration with Bernard Schaffer, where the Far From Home universe crossed over with his Grendel Unit series. In Manuscript form it runs to 920 pages long (so eat that, reviewer who stated the whole series altogether would barely make 200 pages).

Ascension is my first Hard-Scifi novel. Unlike Far From Home, I am trying my very best to ensure it is as accurate as possible; meaning as close to what we can do now as possible, and a close fit to what we might be capable of in years to come. It sounds easier than it really is. To that end, however, I have been in touch with several very kind and gracious folk from NASA and JPL who have provided help where needed and answered my inquiries (see the Acknowledgements section when the book comes out). Ascension is a full length novel, not a serial like Far From Home. It’s traditional Hard-Scifi.

Book 1 of The Nightfall Trilogy, Dark Sun, is aimed at a YA audience and follows three kids as they come face to face with a dark presence in their hometown. The trilogy examines how they deal with it, what happens after . . . and how they band back together when the darkness returns. Response so far to the first 100 pages or so has been more than enthusiastic, so I’m really looking forward to Boxing Day when it’s let loose into the world.

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