Here we go . . .

You want the final 3 installments of Far From Home? Well pencil in Monday 30th September into your calendars, folks. Because I’m releasing 10, 11 and 12 all on the same day!


FFH #10



I’m hard at work on them now to hit that deadline.

And I can reveal to you all now the final cover for FAR FROM HOME: THE COMPLETE SERIES which will be released October/November this year. I hope you like it.


So! Remember that date! Monday 30th September. Are you itching to find out how I wrap it all up? Well . . . you’ve not long to wait.

3 thoughts on “BIG FAR FROM HOME NEWS!!!!

  1. Sorry to say, but I think I’m going to wait for the full season novel. I am looking forward to it though. Here’s hoping for a season two!

  2. the girl on the photo looks very much like the girl in the last seris of battle star galacator,exsuse my spelling,i would be no good as an aurthor.

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