The Anthology For Charity Has A Name! And Artwork!!!

Hello all. Until now, I’ve merely been referring to the anthology for Cystic Fibrosis as that: ‘The Anthology.’

Now, with confirmation from the legendary Bruce Pennington that I am authorized to use his artwork, I can tell you that the anthology will be called . . .


(That’s just a little banner I knocked up for this reveal. Keri Knutson is working on putting together the text for the cover.)

When I was young, my uncle bought me a copy of THE FLIGHTS OF ICARUS, an art book combining images with portions of poetic text. I used to sit there, gazing at all the wonderful artwork, ranging from SF to Fantasy and the abstract. And one image always stuck with me, always made me linger over it more than any of the others. That was CHILDREN OF TOMORROW by Bruce Pennington.

So when it came to dreaming up this anthology, there was only one piece of art I could imagine going on the front cover. So I tracked down Bruce’s site, and emailed the address there to pass on a letter, asking him if I could use it.

I knew it was a long shot at best. So I waited. And to my surprise and joy an email arrived this morning containing a jpeg of a hand written letter from Bruce himself, giving me his blessing.

We should have a cover to show you all soon, but for now feast your eyes upon Bruce’s work. This painting has always inspired me, and now I am in a state of disbelief that I actually get the chance to use it.

Edge Of Oblivion BG

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