Some Story Prompts

Thinking of submitting to the anthology I’m putting together? Stuck on a story idea?

Here you go. See if it stirs things up a bit.



What is your favourite SF movie?


How would you have made that movie even better?


What is your favourite Horror movie?


Again, how would you have improved it?


What is the greatest SF novel that you’ve ever read?


What would you have done differently?


What is the most effective Horror novel you’ve ever read?


Why did it work, and where did it fall down? How would YOU have tackled it?


Think of 5 crazy short story titles. The madder the better. Go nuts.








In 50 years time, what will be the biggest advancement to society, or the human race as a whole?


How will that impact us? To positive or detrimental effect?


What scares you? What keeps you awake at night?


Male MC or Female MC. And why?


Take the worst SF or Horror movie you have EVER seen. It was crap, right? Well, what would you have done with it? How would you have made it completely awesome? How would you have taken that second rate pile of shit and turned it into something (to quote Court) CRAMAZING?


Read 2 SF stories. Do the same for Horror. What did you like? What didn’t you like? How did they approach their subject matter?


Take the “What If . . .” question.


WHAT IF we found an alien artefact on the moon? (2001)


WHAT IF we discovered a vicious alien life form in space? (ALIEN)


WHAT IF you were the last human in a world of vampiric zombies? (I AM LEGEND)


WHAT IF you were held captive by a nutty fan? (MISERY)


WHAT IF a farm boy was the saviour of the galaxy? (STAR WARS)


A few things to think about.

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