An Update On Projects

Just checking in quick with everyone. Far From Home 9: Defiant is coming along nicely. I responded to a reader yesterday and I spoke about how I view Far From Home 1-12 as being like the episodes of a season. And I stand by that.

As I’m writing 9, it feels as though the end of the season is in sight. It feels like I’m being pushed along, with the many different story threads racing toward resolution. I can see the end, and just have to get there.

Will Far From Home be OVER after #12?


Just the season. I have a feeling that Far From Home will be ‘renewed’ for a second outing at some point. But for now, I have to finish Season One. And it’s a blast to write.

Now, a quick note on how Far From Home will be packaged from now on. There will be a third volume, containing #7-#12, and then a COMPLETE SERIES which will contain all of the installments, plus bonus material, at a really fair price. I’ve been working with a fantastic cover designer, Keri Knutson, on the final cover for the Complete Series and it really is something beautiful. But I won’t share it with you all just yet. You’ll have to wait. (Ha!)

As always, if anyone would like a free copy of #9 drop me an email with FREE COPY in the subject line, and I’ll be sure to send you one when it’s done and dusted. Of course, a review is always welcome, too . . .