Just a quick heads up. We’re done with Far From Home 8. It’ll be up for sale tomorrow morning, after it’s gone through ye big ole Kindle publishing machine.

Anyone who wants a copy, just email me and lemme know.



  1. I too would love a copy. Although I feel that you deserve the money. I must say that your series is one great read after another.

  2. Thanks Tony!!! I’ll read #8 now. The rest of the Far From Home series was very good. I have enjoyed them all !!!!

  3. I just finished all far from home 1-7 and I enjoyed them. I Like how you did the books. If I had a short time I could read one and stil could pick up the next book. I am just waiting for book 8 and the others. I have started on Abe now. Thank You for the good books

    1. Thanks Mary. That was the idea behind them. Instead of writing a big old novel in one go, I wanted to write some serial fiction that would eventually combine to make a whole novel. I view the installments of Far From Home as being like episodes of a TV show, to be honest. Together they make a season.
      I’m busily writing the final 4 installments right now to wrap things up.
      But that doesn’t necessarily mean Far From Home will be finished totally . . .

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