Projects Update

Far From Home 6: Foes is published.

Far From Home: Volume 2 (Books 4-6) is also published.

My crime novella Dead Pretty (Colby Jones #1) is with my editor. We should start going through the edits for that within the next week or so.

I am now writing a short story, and then straight into Far From Home 7: Balance.

My aim is publish Far From Home 7 on the 25th of May at the latest. I’m aiming for sooner. I believe that once people have read #6, they’ll be dying to know what happens next, and I aim to deliver.

If there’s one thing reader’s will know after reading #6, it’s that nothing is sacred. Nobody is safe. There is an outline for the whole series, and I know how it ends (and by the way, just for the record, book 12 will make your head spin). I have the roadmap, so to speak.

The direction we’re headed…there’s going to be a few surprises. Trust me on that.

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