Disneyland Paris 2013

Disneyland Paris 2013


DLP extended their 20th anniversary celebrations into this year, and we were lucky enough to go for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

As well as their DISNEY DREAMS show at the end of every night – which was perhaps the most spectacular thing I have ever seen – they also did a special Paddy’s Day display, where they turned the whole castle green with animated clover leafs.

We stood around in the dark, and the cold, and listened as DISNEY DREAMS started up. (There’s a really good recording of it on Youtube that does it justice by the way). I stuck Leah up on my shoulders and we listened to the opening music, Second Star To The Right, sung by one of the sweetest voices I have ever heard. A star burst into life at the top of the castle, drenching the rest of it in beams of rainbow…it was enough to truly lift you in a way I’ve never experienced before. I’ve grown up with these films, and I love Disneyland anyway (this was my 4th visit) but as you get older you sort of forget the magic that Disney brought to your childhood. When you experience it with your own children, it’s like that magic is let loose.

I’m not a ride person, and I’ll usually stick to Pirates of the Carribean, the Tea Cups, etc. Nothing fast. But this year I promised my wife I’d have a go on Big Thunder Mountain. I’d like to tell you that I didn’t scream like a girl as it tore in and around the mountain, plunging into the darkness and twisting from side to side…but I can’t do that.

And as scared as I was, I’d happily go on it again. And they’re big words from somebody who is a total wimp when it comes to rides. I also got to go on Star Tours for the first time ever, which was a great experience. I hear they’re revamping it for later this year which will mean it will be updated for my next visit. For an old ride, it’s very effective. I think with the addition of 3D and better visuals it’ll literally be out of this world.

After the ride I managed to pick up a little plush Yoda, and a Mickey Mouse Luke Skywalker. I also crossed paths with Darth Vader but he didn’t stop for autographs or photos. He’s moody like that.

The best meal to be had was at Annettes Diner, which included a fab chocolate brownie and ice cream. On the day we left, my oldest Leah said “I don’t want to go home,” which just melted my heart.

I’ve included a few snaps below. I took over 200 in the end, but I’m not posting them all here. I like to keep some things private for Facebook. But here’s a little selection.

You’re not seeing that snap of me in a Rasta hat with fake dreadlocks…


Oh. I almost forgot. This year I got my Indiana Jones fedora. So from now on, all writing by Tony Healey was written with the fedora on. You’ve been warned.


Click any image to make it embiggen!


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