2 Interesting Posts

My friend Bernard posts about the ongoing battle with Trolls HERE

And Courtney Cantrell, fantasy author extraordinaire, talks about Prologues, and whether or not you can justify having one HERE

Both very important and interesting, I promise you.

I’ve used a prologue once. In my recent Far From Home installment (Far From Home 4: Directive) I used a small snippet to lead into the story. Would I ever use a whole chapter to introduce chapter 1? Dunno. Seems a bit loony to me. But it can be done, I think, by the right author.

Here’s my own little inoffensive prologue:

The transmission repeated, over and over. Millennia passed. The nuclear heart of the ship continued to beat, however slowly, below the sands. The Captain’s words were broadcast through the metres of silicate that weighed the old wreck down, in the vaguest of hopes that somebody—anybody—might detect them.

And across the gulfs of time, they listened…

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